Built to be secure,
Keeping your apprenticeship data secure is our top priority. To do that, we minimize data collection at every step. Simplicity is secure.
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What type of information do you collect?
WorkHands requires the minimum information to get your apprentices started. For example, see our typical import template.
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How does WorkHands encrypt its data?
WorkHands always encrypts data in transit with SSL using TLS 1.2. If collecting sensitive personally identifiable information (PII) is unavoidable for your program, that data is encrypted at rest as well.
Are WorkHands employees and contractor covered by NDA? Background checks?
Yes. All WorkHands employees and contractors go through background checks with Checkr and are covered by confidentiality agreements.
Are WorkHands servers secure?
WorkHands web application is distributed by Amazon AWS, on segregated networks, accessible only by WorkHands administered single sign on.
How does WorkHands ensure compliance with top security requirements?
WorkHands employs Vanta's best-in-class software to monitor its adherence to security protocols. WorkHands anticipates having a SOC2 Type II certification beginning in Q2 of 2024.
Does WorkHands keep up with the latest known software vulnerabilities?
WorkHands code repository is constantly monitored by dependabot to identify known vulnerabilities. Known issues are fixed and deployed within WorkHands defined SLAs.