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Ron Correia Garner, NC (27529)
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Perform fabrication, welding, and assembly of raw materials, sub components, and finished goods into various types of machinery.

Responsible for producing professional, high quality metal fabrications free from defects in size, shape and appearance.



Essential functions of the job include, but are not limited to:

Ability to read and interpret fabrication drawings to cut, fit, form and fabricate metal components ranging in thicknesses from 22 gauge (0.0299”) to 1”, to specified tolerances.  Sizes may range from parts that will fit in the palm of a hand, to items as large as 12’wide x 12’ tall and 100’ long

Ability to set-up and operate MIG (GMAW), TIG (GTAW), or Stick (FCAW) welders on stainless steel, carbon steel and aluminum in all positions.

Ability to produce consistent, high quality appearance and structurally sound welds, using MIG (GMAW), TIG (GTAW), or Stick (FCAW), on stainless steel, carbon steel, and aluminum in all positions.

Ability to set up and operate oxy-acetylene and plasma flame cutting torches.

Ability to safely operate standard fabrication shop tools such as drill presses, iron workers, hydraulic shears, pinch rollers, saws, etc.  This may include supporting material up to 50 pounds as it is loaded onto the machine

Ability to safely operate standard hand and power tools such as grinders, sanders, drills, shears, etc.

Ability to read and understand printed bills of material, and to accurately record  material used and labor required.

Maintains neat and clean storage locations, and work areas.


Compensation: Commensurate with experience and demonstrated ability.