Learn a VALUABLE Skill while making good money!

Asheville, NC posted on September 28

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Do you enjoy helping people and like to work with your hands? If so, we have an amazing opportunity for you!

We can offer you a competitive wage with benefits, pay for your training and teach you a valuable trade.


The Company

Four Seasons Plumbing is family owned and operated. From the very beginning we believed putting the best tools in the hands of the best people would be the key to our success. Four Seasons Plumbing has established itself as the leader in providing reliable, professional plumbing services throughout the entire Asheville and Hendersonville area. We pride ourselves into a commitment to customer service and have proven ourselves by winning the "Best on WNC" awards in the Mtn Express 4 years in a row!

The Role

We’re looking for exceptional Plumbing Technician apprentices who can deliver world­class customer service. As an Apprentice Plumbing Technician you will work as part of a dynamic and passionate team to demonstrate technical competency and exceed customer expectations by accomplishing the highest quality work, every time. By working closely with the Plumbing Technician, Service Manager, and field supervisor, you will complete jobs on time, helping achieve the company’s financial goals.


  • ●  Assist lead plumbing technician in all jobs; be efficient and accurate.

  • ●  Know how to establish customer rapport to ensure highest levels of satisfaction.

  • ●  Show yourself as professional and knowledgeable.

  • ●  Assist in properly staging jobs; adhering to quality checklist.

  • ●  Support lead plumbing technician in maintaining a clean, organized job site and truck.

  • ●  Participate actively in all formal exercises and on­the­job training to master the trade.

  • ●  Assist in completing accurate and timely paperwork.

  • Requirements



    • ●  Clean, safe driving record.

    • ●  Highly organized with exceptional follow­through abilities.

    • ●  Strong verbal and written communications.

    • ●  High integrity with advanced social skills and ability to make solid connections.

    • ●  Strong desires to be a better apprentice tomorrow than you are today.

    • ●  Outgoing personality that blends well with a fast­paced, goal­driven environment.

    • ●  Competitive individual contributor who also loves to win as a team.

    • ●  Highly motivated, self­starter who’s flexible and has a great attitude on life.

    • ●  Someone my Mom would like. 

    How to become a technician:

    1. Get hired. This may seem obvious but its a big deal to be hired here. Four Seasons Plumbing has high standards and you are now part of a remarkable team that operates at the highest level of this industry.

    2. Ride with a plumber. On a typical day you will be working with and shadowing a plumber. You will observe and learn what and how he does things. You will work as an assistant to him.

    3. Start your customer service training ­ as a Nexstar member all technicians at Four Seasons Plumbing are expected to follow the Service System when running a service call. You will start to learn the Service System on your own by completing the Service System Self Study guide on your own. You will also participate in the weekly Service System meeting at the shop. Upon completion of the self study guide...

    4. Technical Training ­ a technician needs to be technically competent and able to fix things. You’ll never know everything and on any given day as a technician you’ll probably run into a problem you’ve never seen before. The key to handling that is relying on the team around you and having a strong foundation of technical training. One way you’ll get this is by going to The Ultimate Tech Academy, a one week intensive technical training course that will give you the foundational skills you need to be a technician. Upon completion of this you will be qualified to run basic plumbing calls and cover on call.

    5. Running Calls ­ As an apprentice that has completed Ultimate Tech Academy, you will be expected to run service calls on your own. This typically starts with a Supervisor or Service Manager riding with you. Participation in the on call schedule is mandatory. As you run your own service calls you will be expected to fill out Curbside Feedback Forms as part of the Service System.

    6. Service System Retreat ­ As you begin to run calls and continue your self guided learning of the service system and the next step will be to work towards your Service System Certification. The certification process begins with going to a 3 day retreat to learn the Service System and is a major investment of money by the company. A completed self study guide, 30 curbside feedback forms, and weekly meetings with a Supervisor or Service Manager are required to go to a retreat.

    7. Service System Certification ­ Upon return from a Service System Retreat, you will go through the certification process which you will learn more about in the retreat. Upon receiving your certification you will be eligible for a loan to buy your basic tools to be a technician, you will become eligible to participate in the technician bonus schedule, and finally you will officially become a technician and “the plumber you’d send to your Mom’s house.”

    This process can take less than 6 months for someone with no experience, but should not take longer than 18 months. It is your responsibility to drive the process.


    If you are one of the best, we'd like to talk to you about the career opportunities available at Four Seasons Plumbing. Our Plumbing Service Techs earn a variable hourly rate, plus bonuses, which allows our plumber to earn on average over $70,000 a year. Top performers earn over $80,000! Plus, we offer incredible benefits including:

    • Medical benefits 
    • 100% company paid uniforms and uniform service
    • 6 paid holidays (including your birthday)
    • Service truck (to take home)
    • Paid vacation each year
    • Major tools and equipment
    • Company paid cell phones for company use
    • Company paid ongoing training and support
    • Reward and incentive programs