Lead HVAC Installer

Greensboro, NC posted on January 16

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General Info

Job Type: Full-Time
Pay Range: Hourly/depending on experience, plus Incentives, benefits, insurance, and 401-K 
Must be Authorized to Work in the US

Company Info

We are a home heating & cooling company located in Greensboro, NC. We provide a personable, honest, and always dependable service at a reasonable price in effort to exceed the customers' expectations. Our service quality has continued to increase customer loyalty since 1924.


HVAC Installer

 The HVAC Service Technician is responsible for leading the initiative, execution, and growth of the principle responsibilities listed below.  He/She will report directly to the Service Manager.

Outcomes to Seek:

  1. Customer Service– Demonstrate, train, and grow customer service to exceed customer’s expectations using the “always dependable” attitude, urgent response, and appropriate feedback.  To develop customer loyalty for a long-term relationship.  To go above and beyond in the event of a dissatisfied customer, with respect toward the additional principles below.
  2. Electrical & HVAC Service & install skills- Through certifications, on job experience, and continued training, demonstrate skills to properly maintain, repair, and install HVAC equipment on a residential and commercial level. To maintain clean and organized workspace, vehicle, and workmanship.  Keep proper parts and service records.  To complete job the first time with the best of your ability and to reduce the potential for callbacks.
  3. Dependability & Trust- Represent the company on and off the job.  Arriving on the job by 8am, completing the proper paperwork and records, per Berico standards, of on the job performance.  Being a team player and supporting fellow team members at all times.
  4. Revenue Generation &Sales skills- Utilize your expertise to sell service agreements, make recommendations for additions, repairs, and new system installations.  Utilizing tools such as repair/replace worksheet to determine advice for a customer repair.  Represent an honest balance of what is fair for both company and customer.  Look to achieve daily and monthly sales goals.
  5. Growth and Development Initiatives- Help grow company’s residential and commercial business through management and business knowledge relative to the industry.  Introduce best-in-class practices to our team in effort to develop commercial HVAC programs.
  6. Safety – Responsible for upholding and complying with industry and company standards in regards to safety requirements, cleanliness, and product handling.


Principle Responsibilities:


  1. Knowledge in HVAC installation
  2. Demonstrate exceptional customer service.
  3. Experience, understanding, and ability to repair/install in Heating Oil, Propane, Electric, Duel Fuels Systems, Natural Gas equipment.
  4. Knowledge in control diagnostic, and maintenance with certificate specific to the industry.
  5. Sell and install up-grades to electrical systems, including main breaker panel.
  6. Wire units from disconnect to appliance complying with code.
  7. Wire units from Breaker or fuse box to appliance complying with code.
  8. Diagnose line voltage wiring issues, and be able to repair.
  9. Complying with all city, state, county codes.
  10. Properly do system start-up checklists, customer account information, and daily records.



  1. Able to accept the physical demands of the job. (i.e. safely maneuver heavy materials up to 100 lbs, fit in uncomfortable crawl spaces, work in extreme weather (up to 125 Degrees) for long periods of time)
  2. Ability to use tools that are necessary for the job – drills, hammers, meters, analyzers, vacuums, among other heavy equipment that may be necessary to complete a work order. (Lift or use lift assistance for equipment weighing up to 400lbs).
  3. Ability to consistently handle heavy materials (up to75Lbs) multiple times per day.
  4. Safely handle electrical equipment.
  5. Safely work with electrical equipment/current for long periods of time.


                Essential Functions:

  1. Follow company handbook guidelines.
  2. Be willing to offer suggestions, home enhancements, and sell service plans.
  3. Respect and adhere to the direction or initiatives of your supervisor.
  4. Must maintain a level head at all times and always act in company’s best interest.
  5. Uphold best-in-class customer service standards, inclusive of visual appearance. (Adhere to Company Personal Appearance Policy)
  6. Always wear booty’s when servicing a customer’s home.
  7. Strive to achieve service technician goals, in particular service plans and sales leads.
  8. Work as efficient as possible.
  9. Fulfill on-call responsibilities and expectations.
  10. Document the use of all parts used and truck inventory per company standards.
  11. Always communicate with dispatch upon arrival, completion, and next call dispatch. (Dispatch is to know current location at all times)
  12. Maintain proper licenses and continuously educate to up-to-date HVAC service practices, company policies and initiatives. (i.e. service plans, sales sheets, etc)
  13. Maintain a clean workspace, including but not limited to customers home, parts house, vehicle, and paperwork.
  14. Follow guidelines of Berico Service Tech manual, understand its practices may adapt from time to time.
  15. To never take advantage of a customer, or the company.
  16. Take responsibility for all company assets and parts that are in your discretion. (i.e. tools, vehicles, keys, etc).
  17. To not utilize company assets when not on the job.
  18. Never accept money for work performance without running through company operations, unless approved by Supervisor or Management.
  19. To adhere to flat rate code billing and company policies there-of.
  20. Look for potential hazards on electrical system, bring to customer attention and offer suggestions.