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    HIRING: Journeymen Welders in Goldsboro, NC


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    CLP is currently hiring Journeymen Welders for an upcoming project in the Goldsboro, North Carolina area.


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    Journeymen Welders Job Description

    •      Perform cord edge repairs on Tensotherm Panels

    •      Weld closures and installations of PTFE Fabric

    •      Build steel fixtures and structures

    •      Read and interpret blueprints and drawings


    Job Requirements

    •       Two or more years’ experience with heat welding, Tensotherm panels, and PTFE fabric

    •       Two or more years’ experience erecting steel structures

    •       Know measurements and take offs for pipe/structure components

    •       Valid license and current auto insurance

    •       Tools of your trade

    •       Verifiable references


    Ideal Candidates

    •      Committed to safety at all times

    •      Reliable attendance


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