Electrical Maintenance Technician

Winston Salem, NC posted on March 17

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Jennifer Allan
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We are currently searching for experienced Electrical Maintenance Technicians to join our successful team. Qualified candidates should possess the following skills and abilities:
• Repair, maintain and troubleshoot preventative maintenance on all mechanical systems.
• Install, repair, maintain and troubleshoot all types of electrical equipment including starters, switches, control centers, motors and transformers.
• Read and understand all types of electrical schematics and one-line diagrams.
• Troubleshoot ladder diagrams, program logic diagrams and ability to make program changes, load, and record programs using PLC terminals and programs. Properly calculate electrical system voltage requirements, fuse/motor protector ratings, wire and heater sizes and/or motor horsepower.
• Fabricate, install and maintain conduit and wiring systems.
• Strong ability in use of Multi-meters, MegaOhm meters, loop calibrators, pressure calibrators and electrical testing/troubleshooting systems for analog and digital.
• Ability to use monitoring equipment that monitors vibration, temperature and frequency.
• Repair all electronic systems which may include servo equipment, photo eyes, electronic sensors, temperature controls and combustion equipment.
• Record data for all maintenance to track analysis of predictive failures, PM requirements, man-hour utilization, work orders and store room stocking of spare parts.
• Must be literate with Windows programs (MS Word & EXCEL).

SCHEDULE: Please note this is a 12 hour shift position. We have both AM and PM shifts. (7am to 7pm; 7pm to 7am.) 

We offer a supportive work environment with a great benefit package.