Design & Validation Engineer

Greensboro, NC posted on April 11

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Job Responsibilities:

  • Design and validate all Media Routings of the Vehicle in a structured way in accordance with the agreement with cross-functional team.
  • Establish MAA to take care of many requirements (product development, manufacturing, aftermarket and other features) while optimizing product quality, cost, and increasing cross-functional project teams’ efficiency.
  • Scope includes all media (electrical cables, pneumatics etc.) related vehicle projects, i.e. projects where cab, chassis and/or electrical are involved.
  • Working with Geometrical Architects on space claim and establishing the Routing concepts.
  • Identify all routing in need of Routing MAA review together with involved departments.
  • Identify which items need a Physical Mock-up and later perform workshops to verify routing.
  • Perform Design reviews through Digital Mock-ups for all other items, not in need of a Physical Mock-up.
  • Ensure no routing clashes with any other parts, preferably with an Interface document.
  • Create the main Routing MAA document.
  • In charge of the Routing MAA status for all new parts and make sure the items go from HIGH to MEDIUM to LOW status together with all departments.
  • Create all cross functional Routing MAA meetings needed.
  • Track of Prime, Protus and PCR’s connected and affecting to routing.
  • Support Builds with Packaging data.
  • Report Routing MAA status to Project team.
  • Make sure all departments (GTT, GTO, QUALITY, AM) have an agreement of how and where all routing is routed, before each development gate deadline.
  • Track of all environmental packaging that affects routing (wiring, pipes, hoses etc).
  • Track of all new parts created and make sure they are being reviewed/discussed with all groups in cross functional meetings.
  • Create and follow through all Routing MAA document.

Required Experience:

  • Bachelor’s Degree in an engineering field, including a minimum of 3 years of industry relatable experience.
  • 4 - 6 years of experience in the automotive domain.
  • Basic understanding of Routing Agreement.